Congratulations Lady Wolves!

Updated: September 16, 2013

The candle fundraiser has been completed. The girls did a fantastic job, selling a total of 815 candles and contributing $7,000 to the program. The name of each girl that fit the criteria below was entered into the drawing for fabulous prizes. The names were drawn and prizes were awarded to the following:

1. Selling 18 or more candles $30 Target Gift Card to Lacie Ando (Freshman)

2. Selling 20 or more candles $50 Amazon Gift Card to Kirsten Segaline (Varsity)

3. Selling 25 or more candles $100 Fashion Square Gift Card to Tijana Cooley (Junior Varsity)

4. Top Seller = 73 candles sold $200 Dolce Salon and Spa to Callie Roberts (Varisty)

5. Top Team = 304 candles sold (average/player = 21.7) Pizza Party to Varsity

As mentioned in the previous post, these funds are used to support the Desert Mountain High School Volleyball program as well as leave a solid foundation for the upcoming years.

The Lady Wolves have a big week ahead with 3 games and Varsity heading into their first tournament.

Bring your Wolf Spirit and help cheer them on!


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