Get the word out to buy Fundraiser tickets at School Registration

Updated: August 2, 2015

Please get the word out to your friends, parents, neighbors, etc. that we will be selling “Big Surf” Fundraiser tickets all four days this week at school registration.  Some players have volunteered to work the volleyball table this week, if others would like to as well, please let Maria Segaline know so she can slot you a day and time.  Monday and Tuesday is covered, we need girls to volunteer for Wednesday and Thursday.  Maria’s email address is:  Also, those of you who have already sold their 5 tickets, please bring the money to the volleyball table at registration and sign off on your name.  The absolute deadline to have the money turned in is Saturday at the Waterpark.  If you would like to sell more tickets, please let Maria know that too.

Another reminder that you must have a “Go Pass” the first day of volleyball tryouts.  Athletic packets with instructions are on the Desert Mountain website.


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