Updated: August 12, 2013

Tryouts are August 12-14th (Today through wednesday) from  4:15-7:15pm in the DMHS small/aux gym. Each player is REQUIRED to have a green GO PASS in order to be allowed to tryout. Coaches will collect the green GO PASSES from each player before tryouts begin. All those who are trying out should bring at least 2 liters of water and remember to hydrate all day-before, after, and during tryouts. For more information on the green “Go Passes” please contact the DMHS Athletic office (coaches do not issue these). At the end of tryouts today, each player will receive an informational flyer explaining more about tryout procedures which will also help parents understand more about the tryout process.

Please remember that tryouts are stressful for everyone including players, parents, coaches and the school staff. This is a delicate time and it is tough. The best thing we can all do is remain positive and offer as much support for each other as possible. Negativity in any way, aimed at anyone can be very damaging and discouraging, and we want to start the season off with as much positive energy as possible! With that said, we are incerdibly excited to begin the season and we can’t wait to get started today! GO WOLVES!!!




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