Season kick-off bash fires up teams, parents.

Updated: August 13, 2012

Wolf spirit is soaring for the 2012 DMHS Volleyball season among players and parents following a fun filled kick-off party Saturday, Aug. 11.

The party congratulated all players named to the Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity teams, and expressed appreciation to coaches and parents for their support.

Almost 100 people were bedazzled, psyched, motivated and inspired at the party, which included games, activities, a photo booth complete with dress-up accessories, glitter tattoos (many bedazzling feet and ankles), keepsake player/parent caricature portraits, a psychic palm reader (who, by the way, had amazing accuracy when it came to knowing aspects of each player), team photos, a friendly coach “hazing” that had everyone laughing (and made for especially good photos), a snow cone bar and delicious food was catered and donated for the party from the Brat Haus in South Scottsdale, .

The kick off served as great opportunity to get to know and even bond with teammates. New Volleyballs were handed out to players, which was a “get to know all the new players opportunity ” for everyone to approach one another for autographs.
The evening culminated with a presentation of glass diamonds to each player and a moving talk by Brian Fabiano, father of Varsity player Veronica Fabiano, who likened the facets, and cut, of a diamond to the unique aspects of each player and how they bring their own beauty, strength and fire to DMHS Volleyball.

Coinciding with the diamond presentation was the distribution of t-shirts to players, parents and coaches with “A Cut Above” diamond design to represent the high level of dedication, character and talent each one uniquely adds to their team and the high level of support that parents and coaches provide.

A special show of that special DMHS wolf pride and support was demonstrated when parents and coaches surrounded all players wearing the t-shirts, and some admitting that even a few tears were shed.

With all of these attributes together defining the essence of DMHS wolf pride, it’s no wonder the 2012 season is slated to be an exciting one. Shine on DMHS Diamonds – you are the pride of the wolf pack!

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